[amsat-bb] funcube dongle

Stephan Greene ks1g04 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 02:41:12 UTC 2015

I'm looking into a different approach - USB extenders that use Cat-5 or
better cables. For home use, Cat 5 is MUCH cheaper than decent coax, even
if I have to replace it periodically from exposure or errant lawn mowers.
And ZERO possibility of transmitting directly into it (probably still have
to protect against 3rd harmonics when operating mode VU).

As an interim test, I used my usual LMR400 into the shack, then the dongle
and a coil of about 50ft of cat 5 and the USB extenders.  Seemed to work
well receiving AO73 telem - no worse than dongle straight into the PC.
Need to try it again with the dongle at the antenna.  Goal would be a
weather proof enclosure and as close as I can get the dongle to the antenna.

Bought the cable and extenders from Monoprice; don't recall the model.

This approach would work well, I think for portable ops, too. Maybe without
extenders, just a long USB cable.  I think USB 2.0 is rated to 10-15 ft
without boosting the signal.

73 Steve KS1G

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> Jeff,
> Like Alan, I use a manual system to switch between the transceiver and
> the FCD. When I am receiving on the FCD, there is no transmitter
> connected to any feedlines for that band. I manually disconnect it
> from the radio and connect it directly to the FCD. Thus far, this
> technique has managed to dodge my incompetence and protect my precious
> dongle.
> I have plans to incorporate relays at some point down the road.
> 73
> Clayton

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