[amsat-bb] FUNcube Data Warehouse outage

David A B Johnson dave at g4dpz.me.uk
Sat Feb 7 16:07:44 UTC 2015


Further to my message this morning regarding the outage between 01:50 
and 08:50 UTC, I can conirm that 616 unique packets (1268 before 
deduplication) in total from 20 users were received by the warehouse.

Their dashboards uploaded the data automatically when the data server 
came back on line.

Current Stats. since deployment:

444 days in orbit
Satellite has transmitted 7672320 packets (1.96GB + FEC)
1868015 distinct packets stored in warehouse db (478MB)
Worlwide Packet recovery: 24.3%

G/S have uploaded 7980389 packets (2.04GB) before deduplication
On average, 4 g/s are receiving each packet when the satellite is in 
view of a major area of population.

As always, thanks our many groundstations for uploading data.


Dave, G4DPZ
FUNcube Team Member

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