[amsat-bb] Gulyas BNC-to-SMA Adapters - Updated

Clint Bradford clintbradford at mac.com
Sun Feb 1 02:18:27 UTC 2015

Stephen Gulyas has been fabricating the absolute best BNC-to-SMA antenna adapters for several years. These are not "one size fits all" adapters: Stephen realizes that to protect your handheld radio's delicate SMA connector the adapter must "mate" solidly to the case of the radio ...

He has just updated his offerings - now covering more than 50 HT models.

And the reasonable price has remained the same for as long as I can remember.

If you swap antennas a lot ... or otherwise connect/disconnect antenna/cables a lot, then you need one of these adapters. Otherwise, budget for a $45-75 antenna jack replacement repair job down the line ... (grin)

The three-page .pdf document is posted on the ANTENNAS page at ...


Clint Bradford K6LCS

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