[amsat-bb] DeoxIT

Dan White dan at whiteaudio.com
Fri Dec 25 21:14:58 UTC 2015

On Dec 23, 2015 1:45 PM, "Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL" <vlfiscus at mcn.net> wrote:
> Which series would I want for scratchy potentiometers and
> switch contacts?  ie. D G F or X series?


>From my pro-audio service hat, the D series is good for cleaning contacts.
The G series is the most general purpose though not as good at cleaning.

F series is for carbon / conductive plastic and specifically for pots.
I've used teeny bits of the G stuff for pots.  Watch to not solvent off the
tracks in that case!  Guess how I know...

Clean the grit, then a little G series on the contact surface.  Pots need
more care, I usually disassemble them to physically clean the oily dust.

Dan. AD0CQ

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