[amsat-bb] A good morning on FO-29

David G0MRF g0mrf at aol.com
Thu Dec 24 22:46:04 UTC 2015

Well dome Drew Dan and Robert.
Those fleeting opportunities are really rewarding when they happen
Sounds like a very Merry Christmas moment.
David  G0MRF
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I just wanted to relate the outstanding early morning pass I had on FO-29
today. I had set up a schedule with AL7RS in AP65, way out in western
Alaska. We have been emailing a while, and Dan indicated he was ready to
try, and even agreed to try SSB since I'm not a big CW fan. After a few
emails the night before to set up specifics, we were go for the 1016Z pass,
right as FO-29 came over at near apogee. I heard him as soon as the sat
popped over the horizon, and we made a leisurely exchange for a new grid and
field for us both. Mission Accomplished!


As I was quietly sitting filling out my log, at just after 5AM local,
listening to the transponder hiss, I heard a very strong signal pop up,
exactly where I was listening. It was WH6XM calling CQ from BK29 in Hawaii!
Now, I've been on satellites on and off since 1992, and hardcore since about
2000. I have QSLs from Hawaii on both AO-10 and AO-40, but have never heard
KH6 on a LEO! I started answering his CQ before he was even done, hoping he
was full duplex and we wouldn't run out of time and pass before we made the
QSO. After a few quick back and forths, we got the calls and reports
exchanged, and I heard him until my LOS. Actually, he was strong to past
where I should have had LOS, to about -1.5 degrees. Thank you Gulf of Mexico
tropo for a bit of an extension. A quick email confirmed what I knew was a
good QSO, and off to bed I went again, a very happy ham.


So, I just wanted to thank both Dan and Bob for being there, having good
receive setups, and making the QSOs with me. This stuff is still exciting!


73, Drew KO4MA

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