[amsat-bb] GO-32 Beacon / SCS Tracker Modem

Tony dxdx at optonline.net
Wed Dec 23 21:45:24 UTC 2015


Has anyone been able to capture the beacon transmissions from GO-32 
lately? The down link is very strong, but I haven't been able to decode 
anything using UZ7HO's sound card modem or the SCS Tracker (KISS mode).

I'm assuming the bird is still sending status and ID frames?

Regarding the SCS Tracker:

The manual states that it has 9600 and 19200 G3RUH, GMSK capability and 
I assume this modem is compatible with the 9k6 and 19k2 GMSK moulation 
used by some satellites. That said, I was wondering if anyone has used 
this modem successfully to decode GMSK telemetry?

If so, on which of the currently active 9600 / 19200 birds?


Tony -K2MO

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