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I don't lose a lot of sleep over this, since the line of zero-degree declination pretty much runs through my back yard. But considering that the 3 db beamwidth of an M2 436CP16 or similar antenna is at least 40 degrees (and even wider at 2 meters), the required level of precision is not really that great. Point it truish northish and be done with it. If you're working at microwaves, you'll need to do some work. But not so much for LEOs. 
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Hi Guys,

First of all, wishing all Amsat followers a Happy Christmas !

My quick question....

So I'm in the final stages of setting up my G5500 rotator & antennas, to
get the whole thing
Aligned I want to set a reference to North. I'm thinking this should be to
True North not magnetic North. Can you confirm


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