[amsat-bb] AO-73/FUNcube mode switch.

Jeff A. Boyd the2belo at msd.biglobe.ne.jp
Sun Dec 20 14:30:14 UTC 2015

On Sat, 19 Dec 2015 16:26:46 -0500, David G0MRF <g0mrf at aol.com> wrote:

> A great challenge for the month ahead.  Good luck with finding your
> own signals. - A few CW dots will be easier than SSB.
> One possible issue though....I used an IC706 Mk 2G for the uplink
> here for a while. Turned out that on transmit the synthesiser
> generates wideband noise across the whole VHF/UHF spectrum.  It's
> quite low level, but it can cause issues with VHF reception if
> the antennas are too close together. I tried all sorts of SAW and
> Cavity filters but never solved the problem.

Thanks for the heads-up on that one -- this is my first Icom rig ever
(up to now I've been exclusively a Yaesu person) so I'm not sure what
to expect. Perhaps the problem you had was specific to that
particular radio?

J. Boyd, JR2TTS/NI3B
the2belo at msd.biglobe.ne.jp
Twitter: @Minus2_C

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