[amsat-bb] SSTV+RTL on Android?

Ed K9EK e.krome at comcast.net
Fri Dec 18 19:28:51 UTC 2015

Hi, all: 
This may be more of an operating system question than pure radio but... since ISS to be transmitting SSTV on Dec 26, I'd sure like to receive some pictures. Unfortunately, wife would not be amused if I dragged radio gear to grandkid's house. So I am looking for a portable route. There is the usual HT to an SSTV decoder running on either an iPhone or Android device. But what about using an Android (Samsung GT-N5110) tablet to do double duty as both receiver and decoder? The tablet receives RF just fine when connected to an RTL820 DVB-T module with either RF Analyzer or SDRTouch. And it decodes SSTV with Robot36 decoder. Is there some way to have the output of the RF program ported directly (internally) to the input of the SSTV decoder? On a Windows machine, that is easily done with a virtual audio cable setup. Is there something similar for Android devices? Sure would make a nice, compact SSTV receiving setup. And wife would be just fine with it. 

Ed K9EK 

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