[amsat-bb] 1120am (L) Pass AO-85

Timothy A. Holmes taholmes160 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 16:59:36 UTC 2015

GOOD morning all:

Hope you are all well and having a great christmas holiday.  I just 
listened on the 1120L pass of AO85 here in EN91 -- while I didnt hear 
voices, I could hear a drop in noise which said to me that I was near 
the carrier frequency or something -- SInce I havent messed with 
satellites in at least 10 years, I thought that was a pretty good start 
-- I have somewhere a plan for a tape measure antenna that should work 
for sats, I just need to dig through my files and find it, I am thinking 
about setting it up to work from a tripod, and I have 2 HT's which 
should work to start with until I can afford a duplexer for my IC706.

That being said, I hope you all have a great MERRY Christmas and hope to 
hear you more on the birds


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