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** Another Rotor Design - Great Fun, Easy to Build and Very Cheap **

What is a Stepper Motor?

That Stepper Motor used by Thomas Doyle, W9KE 
can also be found at Adafruit (NYC) in either 5 or 12 Volt models.
Holding Torque @ 12VDC: 250 gram-force*cm, 25 N*mm/ 3.5 oz-force*in
The 12 Volt version of this same stepper motor used by W9KE  
can be found in the Icom IC-746 automatic tuner sub-assembly.

Mr. Carlson's Lab on YouTube
Paul Carlson, VE7ZWZ
Troubleshooting the Icom IC-746 (repairing that stepper motor)
He notes that the "rotor" is a weak point in this stepper motor design.

You can also use larger stepper motors, such as a NEMA 17 (also sold at Adafruit)
Holding torque per phase: 2 Kg*cm,  20 N*cm/ 28 oz*in


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