[amsat-bb] Telemetry Stations - Information Requested

Jerry Buxton amsat at n0jy.org
Sun Sep 14 23:51:28 UTC 2014

Hi All,

I am interested in hearing about the types of equipment in the various 
stations of those of you who capture telemetry from the amateur radio 
My general purpose is to have an understanding of the "typical 
station".  The information will be useful in our design of ground 
telemetry formats for AMSAT satellites.

If you are an active telemetry gatherer could please respond with a 
short description of the equipment you use to receive the various 
satellite telemetry to include
Antenna - type, polarization, if yagi number of elements
Preamp - yes or no
Rig - Make, model
Output from rig i.e. packet port, auxiliary audio, discriminator tap, etc.
PC Capture device - build in sound card, if add in or external sound 
card then make and model

Thank you for your help!

Jerry Buxton, NØJY

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