[amsat-bb] two out of three ain;t bad.

Erich Eichmann erich.eichmann at t-online.de
Thu Sep 11 13:53:24 UTC 2014

Hi Rick,
in the file Doppler.SQF change  the name of  NOAA 15 to NOAA-15 (insert 
a  minus char instead of the space  in the satellite name). The program 
then should display the frequency for that satellite.

The reason that SatPC32 doesn't show  the frequency if you use "NOAA 15" 
but shows the frequencies of "NOAA 18" and "NOAA 19" in Doppler.SQF  is 
a bit complicated:
Handling of the satellite names is difficult because the source files 
for Keplerian data (SpaceTrack files, Celestrak files, nasa.all) often 
use different spellings of the satellite names. Usually the Amsat names 
(used in nasa.all) are much more handy than - for example - the 
Celestrak names.

Therefore SatPC32 can optionally convert the satellite names of the 
source file to their  AMSAT name, provided  an AMSAT name is available. 
In menu "Satellites" > "Sat Names" you can choose the option "Use AMSAT 
Names if Available".  I suppose you are using this option since it is 
the default setting.

With this option the program identifies a satellite by its catalogue 
number or international designator and then checks, whether the aux. 
file "AmsatNames.SQF" (that can be opened from menu "?" > "Auxiliary 
Files") contains an entry for that satellite.  If so, the program uses 
that name in menu "Satellites" and expects that spelling in the other 
aux. files - for example in "Doppler.SQF", "Prior.SQF" etc.

The aux. file "AmsatNames.SQF" currently contains an entry for NOAA 15 
with the spelling "NOAA-15", it doesn't contain entries for NOAA 18 and 
NOAA 19. Therefore it expects
"NOAA-15" in Doppler.SQF but accepts the original spellings NOAA 18  and 
NOAA 19.

So, if you want to add new satellites to the program have also a look to 
file "AmsatNames.SQF".

73s, Erich, DK1TB

Am 11.09.2014 03:06, schrieb Rick Tejera:
> All,
> A little help with SAT pc 32. I just started to play around with decode the
> NOAA weather sats. I want to get the frequencies into the dopper.sqf file so
> I can see the Doppler correction. I've edited the file and only two of the
> three sats show the frequency. The format is the same for all three:
> NOAA 15,137620.0,,FM,,,,
> NOAA 18,137910.0,,FM,,,,
> NOAA 19,137100.0,,FM,,,,
> NOAA 15 is the culprit that won't show.
> I've looked with a fine tooth comb for any differences and don't see any. I
> also looked in the KEp file for the Weather & NOAA sats and the sat name is
> correct.  Anyone see what I'm missing.
> Rick Tejera
> Saguaro Astronomy Club
> www.saguaroastro.org
> Thunderbird Amateur radio Club (K7TEJ)
> www.w7tbc.org
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