[amsat-bb] two out of three ain;t bad.

Rick Tejera saguaroastro at cox.net
Thu Sep 11 06:06:46 UTC 2014



A little help with SAT pc 32. I just started to play around with decode the
NOAA weather sats. I want to get the frequencies into the dopper.sqf file so
I can see the Doppler correction. I've edited the file and only two of the
three sats show the frequency. The format is the same for all three:


NOAA 15,137620.0,,FM,,,,

NOAA 18,137910.0,,FM,,,,

NOAA 19,137100.0,,FM,,,,


NOAA 15 is the culprit that won't show. 


I've looked with a fine tooth comb for any differences and don't see any. I
also looked in the KEp file for the Weather & NOAA sats and the sat name is
correct.  Anyone see what I'm missing.


Rick Tejera

Saguaro Astronomy Club


Thunderbird Amateur radio Club (K7TEJ)



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