[amsat-bb] W1AW/7 (Arizona) satellite stats for the past week

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Tue Sep 2 05:07:09 UTC 2014


After wrapping up the W1AW/7 satellite activity from Arizona in the 
last week, I compiled some statistics.  First of all, thanks to all of 
the stations that worked W1AW/7 in the past week.  I was the only
satellite operator for W1AW/7 this time, and we didn't have VO-52 
compared to the other W1AW/7 Arizona week in mid-March, but 
things worked out well.  

W1AW/7 logged 105 satellite QSOs in the past week.  W1AW/7 
worked 58 unique call signs in those 105 QSOs.  Those stations 
were located in 19 US states, 3 Canadian provinces (BC, ON, SK),
and 3 Mexican states (Chiapas, Colima, Puebla), in 4 DXCC entities
(W, VE, XE, CO).  W1AW/7 logged QSOs with 47 different grids.  

W1AW/7 made QSOs on the following satellites:

AO-7 - 5 QSOs
AO-73 - 19 QSOs
FO-29 - 35 QSOs
SO-50 - 46 QSOs

W1AW/7 only worked daytime SO-50 passes during the three-day 
Labor Day holiday weekend (Saturday through Monday), and 2 AO-7
passes on Sunday.  FO-29 and AO-73 were worked every evening,
at least one pass for each satellite, plus the daytime AO-73 passes
over the weekend (thanks AMSAT-UK and the FUNcube project!).  
The SO-50 passes on Saturday and Monday afternoons were worked 
from the DM33/DM43 grid boundary at a Phoenix city park (the park 
I worked many satellite passes from, over several years), and the 
other passes were worked from my back yard in DM43. 

If you wish to receive a QSL card for working W1AW/7 in the past 
week, please send your QSL request to ARRL.  Over the next week
or two, the log will be uploaded to Logbook of the World, including 
the grid locator(s) for each QSO.  



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