[amsat-bb] Reception of the One Millionth Packet from FUNcube-1

Graham Shirville g.shirville at btinternet.com
Mon Jun 30 16:58:09 UTC 2014

Many stations have been receiving the telemetry transmitted by FUNcube-1, 
which has now been in orbit for 221 days. The spacecraft, which has been 
operating nominally since launch, is providing on-board health and science 
data for the many schools and colleges who are already participating in the 
project around the world.

Since launch, data has been received by more than 650 stations around the 
world and today our online Data Warehouse received its one millionth packet 
of information. The Warehouse is now storing more than 256MB of telemetry 
which is available for educational and research use.

We have been successful in capturing almost 25% of all the telemetry 
transmitted including almost all of the Whole Orbit Data. This success is a 
great tribute to our designers of the Flight software, the Dashboard 
programme and the matching Data Warehouse.

We are also immensely grateful to all the schools, colleges, radio amateurs 
and other listeners who are providing this data and want to encourage 
everyone to continue to listen to FUNcube-1 and to upload the data to the 
Warehouse. This will help enable the project to continue to provide a 
complete and current data set for analysis.

We would, of course, also love to have additional receiving stations in the 
FUNcube Ground Station Network. This applies especially to anyone near the 
poles or who is located on an island in the middle of ocean. Their 
involvement would help us improve our rate of data capture still further.

Our records show that there were three stations who actually managed to 
upload the same one millionth packet to the Warehouse today. They are G0EID, 
OM3BC and DL3SER. If they could contact “operations at funcube.org.uk” we 
will arrange them to send them a small prize to honour their contribution to 
the project.

best 73

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