[amsat-bb] KENPRO ROTORS Going KRAZY - SOS

Rich/wa4bue richard.siff at verizon.net
Sun Jun 29 00:50:42 UTC 2014


I think we have a GHOST haunting our OSCAR antenna system

We use a KENPRO AZL ROTOR with AMSAT Tracker Interface Box, SATPAC program, and HP computer.

This happened at the beginning of the passes on VO 52 and FO 29, but not on AO 7 which we did not even hear.

The AZ rotor just took off spinning.  Shutting the rotor control box off and resetting the program corrected the problem each time.  The reset also included parking the rotor.

Has anyone had these GHOSTS before?

Happy FD 2 U


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