[amsat-bb] ANTELSat identified

Nico Janssen hamsat at xs4all.nl
Sat Jun 28 12:28:19 UTC 2014


Using detailed doppler measurements I find that ANTELSat is now
object 40034, 2014-033AA. Yesterday the JSpOC decided to exchange
the TLE set of object 40034 with the set of object 40049,
2014-033AR. So up to yesterday ANTELSat was object 40049 but as of
today it is object 40034.

Doppler measurements show that DUCHIFAT is almost certainly object
40021, 2014-033M. But at this time the distance between objects 40021,
40022 and 40023 is too small to be absolutely sure. Especially the
temperature induced frequency drift on the downlink signals makes it
hard to do a good assessment of the measurements.


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