[amsat-bb] W1AW/9 - IL update

Grant Zehr grant at dzehr.com
Wed Jun 25 22:54:19 UTC 2014

W1AW/9 operations (from IL) are underway.  Contacts were made today via
SO-50, FO-29, VO-52 , AO-7 and the ISS packet repeater.


Tomorrow (Thursday 6/26)  I anticipate being on during the morning satellite
passes, starting about 11:15 UTC.  If SO-50 is on during that pass I will
attempt to operate there.  (If transponder is quiet, I will switch to
VO-52).  Immediately following I plan to be on the  FO-29 eastern US pass.
Then I should be on VO-52 and FO-29 during the following passes (western US)
later in the morning. 


In the afternoon I anticipate being on AO-7 and again on VO-52 and FO-29 in
the late afternoon/evening.


I will be available for most ISS passes for keyboard QSO's.  I will be
sending CQ de W1AW/9.  In order to have a valid QSO, I need to be sure a
human is at the other keyboard, responding to me.  I cannot verify QSO's
consisting of only APRS information, or automated Signals Heard reports.  If
you are using UISS put my call in the TX APRS box with a greeting message
and I will confirm.  I have logged only one ISS contact so far, with KA1OLE.
I'm looking for more!


Feel free to call for repeat QSO's on the same or different satellites.  The
more contacts the better!  I'm mainly operating phone, but can switch to CW
as needed.  If anyone would like to schedule a contact for a specific pass
let me know and I may be able to accommodate.




W1AW/9 - IL

(Grant  AA9LC)






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