[amsat-bb] Fodtrack Serial rotor controller on HamLib

Greg D ko6th.greg at gmail.com
Sun Jun 22 18:08:53 UTC 2014

Hi folks,

So all this talk about Gpredict got me to look at updating my own setup, 
which pre-dated the modern Gpredict capabilites.  But being so archaic, 
I need some help connecting the dots...

I have Gpredict / Hamlib talking to my Yaesu FT-736R radio for Doppler 
tracking just fine, but the rotor is a problem.  My controller is 
home-brewed, and emulates the subset of the "Yaesu serial protocol" as 
output from the original DOS version of FODTrack.  The syntax is the 
letter "W" followed by the Azimuth, a space, the Elevation, and 
terminated with a carriage return (hex 0d).  Both the Az and El are 
whole decimal integers.  When I moved to Linux and Predict (the ncurses 
version) in 2002, I modified the software to copy that same syntax, and 
all was fine.

Tab forward over a decade to my question:  What model "Yaesu controller" 
was FODTrack thinking it was talking to?  I need to find an equivalent 
model for Hamlib's rotctl daemon, and none of the choices seem to 
match.  They all seem to want to talk to a single rotor (Az or El, not 
both).  Is there an equivalent model, Yaesu or otherwise, that accepts 
"Waaa eee\n" for Az + El positioning?


Greg  KO6TH

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