[amsat-bb] CAT control for TX and RX - [SOLVED]

Stu2 stu at stu2.net
Sun Jun 22 16:45:02 UTC 2014

I installed SatPC32 and was able to make things work with the DVB dongle
(RX) and TS-2K (TX). I configured the HDSDR as 'radio1' and the TS2K as
'radio2'. However, SatPC32 tries to put the TS-2K into satellite mode
and my rig sends a '?' The frequencies aren't changed to the right
bands. The instructions say to make sure the TS2K is radio 1 and that
radio 2 is set to 'none', but this is for using the TS2K in satellite
mode, not as stand alone, single band TX.

To solve the problem, I selected 'Kenwood' and 'TS-790' for both radio 1
and radio 2. Uncheck 'Autom. RX/TX Changed' and 'Satellite mode'. Now,
SatPC32 corrects both the HDSDR instance and TS2K for Doppler. You can
also change the RX frequency (Tune) in HDSDR and have the TS2K follow.

Barring any overload/interference issues, this looks like a really good
set up for FD. Not only is it operational effective, but there are lots
of visuals for visitors. I've always had the computer controlled rotor
wow factor, but the SDR waterfall is really cool.

Thanks for the help and hope to work you during Field Day.

(W4IY Field Day -9A VA)

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