[amsat-bb] Keeping KPC-9612+ KISS mode in port 2

Ken Swaggart k.swaggart at charter.net
Mon Jun 2 15:14:08 UTC 2014

I've been asked to attempt some communications with a 9.6k satellite which 
requires KISS mode.  My problem is that when I set the KPC-9612+ to port 2, 
the 9600 baud port, then using HyperTerm to issue the INTFACE KISS followed 
by RESET, the TNC returns to port 1.

There must be some way to either keep it set to port 2 after KISS is 
entered, or enter some magic keystrokes to set it to port 2 while in KISS.

Anyone have the answer? The manual wasn't any help.

Ken, W7KKE

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