[amsat-bb] About ARTSAT1:INVADER

ji1izr/Masahiro Sanada ji1izr_1975 at nifty.com
Mon Jun 2 13:14:42 UTC 2014

Hello, de ji1izr/Masahiro,

ARTSAT1:INVADER, one of the CubeSats,
 is in trouble that the satellite does not reply after the command by the comm
nad station.

The members are trying to find out how to recover.

We have no reply from the satellite, nor the CW becomes not to be heard after 
the command.

When you have a chance to listen to the satellite,
please send your report from below:

Your report will be great help for the members.

We appreciate your help very much.
Thank you.

         Masahiro Sanada
            de ji1izr
       ji1izr_1975 at nifty.com
          ji1izr at jarl.com
        ji1izr at jamsat.or.jp
  web: http://ji1izr.atnifty.com/
blog: http://ji1izr.air-nifty.com/

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