[amsat-bb] Balloon Launch June 7th from SE Michigan

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Sun Jun 1 01:22:00 UTC 2014

Overview of the Livonia Amateur Radio Club Balloon Launch
Balloon Designator : K8UNS


Club: Livonia Amateur Radio Club
Club Address: P.O. Box 51532, Livonia, Michigan 48151-5532
Club Email Address: k8uns at arrl.net
Club Web Site:  www.livoniaarc.com
Balloon Project Web Site:  k8uns.org/high-altitude-balloon-project/


Morning of June 7th. Planning to launch between 9 and 10AM. If winds are
 an issue at arrival, we can notify all parties involved for a 1 hour 
postponement or cancellation.  


Payload Container
Weight: 5lbs 4oz
Dimensions: 14” x 10” x 10”
Material: Rigid foam pink insulation wrapped with Ducting Foil Tape

Payload Contents
146.46MHz FM 110mW voice beacon
Identification and where to find more information

ATV Transmitter
439.25MHz 1W Fast Scan television transmitter.
Circular Horizontal Antenna suspended approximately 1 foot below payload box.
Video overlay with current GPS Coordinates / Identifier / Speed and Direction

APRS Transmitter
144.39MHz Packet Transmitter
GPS Positioning with internal / external temperature, battery voltage and identifier
Current positioning via radio or via the web - http://aprs.fi/info/?call=K8UNS-11
Map View: http://aprs.fi/#!call=a%2FK8UNS-11


Because we are Amateur Radio Operators and we love science. The ability to track a balloon at 100,000 feet, take photos of the upper atmosphere has furthered interest in our hobby and our club. This project has inspired many smaller, similarly related projects by members of our club. We’ve had more participation and interest in this project, than most other projects we’ve run. Clubs around Michigan and Ohio have heard about this launch and are waiting for the launch.

We're interested in reception reports of our balloon. Send us a note a let us know if you heard our beacon or transmitters. 

Delivery System

Kaymont 1200g Balloon 
Diameter at launch: 4.88 meters (16 feet)
Ascent Rate: 5 meters  (16.4 feet) / second
Color: White
Material: Latex
Supplier: Kaymont Balloons, NY - http://kaymontballoons.com/ 

RocketMan 6.5 foot Diameter 
50lb breaking strength Nylon cord.
The cordage is used to tether the balloon to the parachute, and from the parachute to the balloon. Three feet from payload to parachute and 5 feet from parachute to balloon.

Because of the changes in winds, final launch location will be decided 12 hours prior to launch. Winds will be re-checked the morning of the launch, and a “Go Ahead” will be determined then. 
A final analysis of ground based wind-speed will be the final “Go/No Go” deciding factor upon arrival at the launch site. 

Our prediction tool (http://predict.habhub.org)only goes 180 hours out from the present time, so you may have to adjust the dates in the predictions below.

Ionia Recreational Area (Launch Site #1)
42.9444N, 85.1335W
2880 West David Highway
Ionia, MI 48846

Lake Hudson Recreation Area (Launch Site #2)
41.8405N, 84.2739W
5505 Morey Highway
Clayton,MI 49235


Pinckney State Recreation Area
42.4126N, 84.0351W
8555 Silver Hill Road
Brighton, MI 48116

Waterloo Recreation Area
42.3115N, 84.201W
16346 McClure Road
Chelsea, MI 48118

K8UNS, Livonia Amateur Radio Club


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