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Graham Shirville g.shirville at btinternet.com
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Hi ALl,

Originally this section of the 10 metre bandplan had a downlinks only 
restriction but this has now been removed in IARU Bandplans. From memory, 
Region 1 removed it at their Sun City Conference in 2011, Region 2 at their 
Conference in Cancun in 2012 but I don't think it was ever shown in any 
Region 3 documentation.

The original reason for it being there is unclear. It may have a been a fear 
of possible CB interference or it may have been because AO7 only used 29MHz 
for a downlink.

There often difference between the ITU allocations for the amateur satellite 
service and frequencies shown in bandplans.

For instance the complete 10 metre band is allocated by the ITU for amateur 
satellite operations but our IARU bandplans show just 29.300 29.510MHz.

Also, on 2 metres, the ITU allocation is 144-146MHz but by IARU agreement we 
only use 145.800-146.00MHz plus the new section at 144.0025 -145.025MHz 
which has already been agreed by IARU Regions 2 and 3 and will hopefully 
also be agreed by Region 1  at their Conference in Bulgaria in three weeks 

Of course there are occasions when member societies have local variations of 
these regional bandplans but I would hope, in this case, it is simply an 
updating issue.


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BTW does anyone know why ARRL thinks 29.3-29.510 is Downlink only ? and I
haven't a clue what exactly they mean by using "(internationally)" for 70cm.

73 Trevor M5AKA

Hi Trevor.

I went off and looked at the UK allocations when I read that.  Seems to be 
up or down and not limited to 29.3 either.

But, I did notice that 10.475 GHz to 10.500 GHz is allocated to the amateur 
satellite service, but not to amateurs in general. i.e. no terrestrial 
use. - That's a first !!  We've got our own piece of spectrum.




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