[amsat-bb] LUSAT-1 alive at night!

Amsat Argentina amsatlu at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 19:38:23 UTC 2014

We knew that our LUSAT start transmitting again a couple of years ago, but
only when illuminated by sun, and was not heard during the night.

On the occasion of testing the application http://amsat.org.ar/sat.htm saw
there was a nightly pass, which was tried to listen.

Without much hope tuned 437.125 MHz, surprised to hear the usual strong
900mW continuous carrier +/- Doppler, but this time after 22 minutes of
being LUSAT in the dark.

Commenting locally, several other hams also tried and received LUSAT.

It's almost a miracle that after almost 25 years, LUSAT vintage Ni-Cd
batteries can receive and hold charge.

It seems LUSAT is willing to greet hams on his 'Silver Jubilee' due next
Jan-22 thru continuing talking with us from space after its more than
128,000 orbits.

The LO-19, next to Oscar-7 and UO-11 is one of the most long-lived active
amateur satellites.

We have included short report and audio on http://amsat.org.ar/?f=z ,
Amsat-LU logs.

More information on LUSAT (although in Spanish) on http://lusat.org.ar

Reports welcomed at info at amsat.org.ar

73, lu7abf, Pedro

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