[amsat-bb] LEO Flight Opportunity NOW?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Aug 8 02:49:17 UTC 2014

If you can make a flight ready amateur payload with some  kind of
educational association in the next 3 months, there is a ride.  You get a
temperature controlled 0-60C flat plate about 4" by 7" and 28v power on the
outside of a large free-flyer.  The bad news is that the mission is low LEO
so maybe only a life time of 3 or 4 months.

Riding back from the smallsat conference to the airport in the shuttle one
of the passengers asked If I wanted to fly an APRS payload.  I said sure.
THen he said "do you know anyone else too?" Need to involve "students" is

I apologize that I dont have any of your prior emails (Im transiting
airports for the next 14 hours and wont have access to old emails for 2
more days, but didnt want to wast any time.  I hate to spin people up like
this, and it may take a week for me to get official details, and it may
only be a pipe dream, but thought I would share it.

Your box will be attached to their plate, and your other side is exposed to
space.  They will provide another 28v to burn any release mechanisims for
your antennas.  Assume one edge of your box can be close to a spacecraft
edge so your antenna can come out and hang over an edge.  Or your box can
be a few inches high and can deploy its antenna "up" from the plate and
then you have more mounting options.  Whether you are on the top, bottom,
or side of the mother ship is still open.  Spacecraft is well powered and 3
axis stabilized.

Serious builders with space experience ONLY.  I gotta not only build mine,
but also finish two others and should not be wasting time with emails.

AND you have to have your IARU frequency coordination and FCC paperwork
done too.

But power, a platform, an attitude, some temperature control, quick
attachment, and a ride are hard to pass up.


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