[amsat-bb] Current Launch Costs From Spaceflight

Gus gus at 8p6sm.net
Sat Aug 2 01:16:38 UTC 2014

On 08/01/2014 01:24 PM, Paul Stoetzer wrote:
> I've noticed from reading this board's current posts and archives that
> there is a bias against CubeSats from some due to a belief that they
> are somehow inherently limited in capability, unreliable, and short
> lived, but there is nothing inherent in the CubeSat format that makes
> it that way, it's simply a standardized way to build a satellite.
Their size and weight limitations restrict the type of antennas they can 
deploy, the number of solar panels they can carry, and simply the mass 
of silicon they can contain.

Yes, they are cheap and launches (to LEO) are frequent, but their 
capabilities are, surely, limited by their physical nature?

Gus 8P6SM
The Easternmost Isle

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