[amsat-bb] Looking for a terrestrial 9600 station in Los Angeles

Ryan Caron rcaron at gmail.com
Tue Nov 26 18:09:29 PST 2013

Despite S5+ signals from some of these ORS satellites, we cannot decode 
them. Is there a terrestrial 9600 station in Los Angeles we can test 
against? Reply to -bb & off-list, since I get the digest.

Setup is FT-897, ubuntu linux, & soundmodem through the 9600 line on the 
data jack. A similar setup with an FT-817, and they can talk with each 
other, and we've tuned the levels by observing with a Funcube Dongle Pro 
(not +, at least not yet).

We scanned around the SCRRBA frequencies (431.1ish & 431.5ish) and 
didn't here anything

Thanks and 73,
Bruin Amateur Radio Club
University of California, Los Angeles

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