[amsat-bb] Re: Funcube Transponder Orbit # 47

Andy Kellner hawat1 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 24 05:05:41 PST 2013

Telemetry came thru loud and clear.

Transponder was strong, however I had to correct uplink frequency to about + 4 kHz. at the beginning of the pass. Kept changing too, so at the end of the pass uplink frequency had to be + 5.2 kHz. to hear myself properly; and that is with doppler correction enabled. Normally when keps are correct and doppler is enabled, uplink frequency correction stays stable. Probably 2013-066B not the correct Keps ?

Brief contact with VK5EI, but then lost contact as antennas had to swing around. Also heard VK2ZAZ.

Andy - VK4TH

 From: vk2mal <vk2mal at yahoo.com.au>
To: amsatvk at yahoogroups.com.au 
Sent: Saturday, 23 November 2013 10:25 PM
Subject: [amsatvk] Re: FUNcube-1 (AO-73) Transponder Test Saturday November 23

Hi All

Good signals from AO-73 over VK tonight. Stations heard through the transponder were ZL2BX Alan and VK4CBW Wal.

Malcolm VK2MAL

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