[amsat-bb] Re: 2 Metre Noise : was RE: Re: Keplerian Elements for FUNCUBE 1

Jari Koivurinne jari.koivurinne at aina.net
Fri Nov 22 22:51:02 PST 2013

> Stefan and Mark,
> 90% of the "crud" on 2 metres comes from my Cable Modem / Router.
> Lucky so far Funcube and N3XT are in the clear.
> Colin VK5HI.

Hi all,

Replace the switch mode wall mount power supply with transformer power 
supply and coil the extra power cord with ferrite. Most of the common mode 
noise can be eliminated. There are still switch mode regulators and
inside modem/router/hub that can radiate birdies. Clamp the Ethernet cables
also with a ferrite clamp so there is no more "antennas".

-jari oh3uw

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