[amsat-bb] Update from the FUNcube-1 Project Team

Ciaran Morgan Ciaran at it-sparkles.co.uk
Thu Nov 21 02:27:41 PST 2013

Greetings from the National Radio Centre at Bletchley Park (BP) here in the


FUNcube-1 was launched, on time, at 07:10:11 UTC this morning from Yasny and
approximately 8 minutes later, was deployed from the upper stage of the
dnepr rocket.


About 10 minutes after separation, telemetry was successfully been received,
decoded, and uploaded to the data warehouse by ZS1LS (at 07:37)  and ZS6BMN
in South Africa.  There was a huge cheer here at BP and the FUNcube-1
Project team toasted the successful launch . 


All main parameters on FUNcube look nominal; temp, battery voltage, solar
panel charging rate, etc and the data received so far is available in the
Data Warehouse.  We are already seeing some superb examples of the data that
will be fundamental to the educational aspect of FUNcube - thank you to all
stations around the world for your efforts so far.


The first signals from FUNcube-1 were heard in the UK on the first visible
pass at 3 degrees above the horizon and Mike, G0MJW, became the first UK
station to receive and decode the telemetry from FUNcube-1 - congratulations


We are continuing our efforts here at the NRC and have just heard FUNcube-1
on its second pass over the UK at 4 degrees above the horizon.  We have
successfully commanded FUNcube-1 on the first attempt.   We encourage all
stations to continue to receive the telemetry and upload it to the Data
Warehouse as we monitor the spacecraft and continue with the early
operations tasks.


Thank you all for your efforts and we look forward to further reports from
around the world.



For the FUNcube-1 Project team.



Web Stream : http://www.batc.tv/streams/funcube1


FUNcube website : http://funcube.org.uk



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