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Hi all,

I don't think that the school systems across the country have a clue of the 
great resources in ARRL,  AMSAT,  local clubs, and citizens offer including 
the local system where K4AMG mentors.  They just don't get!
That is why we are now assembly a presentation for our school board.
* Send to each board member resource info
* Hopefully speak with them 1 - 1
* Make presentation to the entire board
* Make some suggestions
* K4AMG will help fund the extra things that might be needed, no extra 
expense to the city.

So PR info is critical to all of us!

Earlier this year, when we borrowed the CUBESAT simulator, we did discuss 
trying to build a CUBESAT.  I think that if there was a parts list or a kit 
we could do that a lot easier.  We could use our  coordinated repeater 
frequencies all ready assigned (1/2 duplex).  It may never be launched but 
we could arrange to have it flown every now and then.

I hope that this will development more discussion leading to a plan, action, 
and desired results

God Bless


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Just a few comments:

   - I'd be up for any document like this being publicly available
   - AMSAT Engineering is using it's expertise in radio comms as leverage
   for supplying a comms board to other cubesat payloads that can be turn 
   a full fledged bent pipe transmitter at end of mission. Not sure if this 
   actively being promoted yet, probably more leverage once Fox-1 flies
   - I have no idea if AMSAT has a presence (official) at the cubesat
   symposiums and conferences (I think there's a big one in Utah or at least
   was). That would be a good idea for this.
   - A great start would be to build up excitement within amateur radio and
   use that momentum to extend it. Again at least on AMSAT-NA side of thing
   Fox-1 is a big step towards that.

Nice discussion!



On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 11:02 AM, Stefan Wagener <wageners at gmail.com> wrote:

> This ARISS guide is very useful for schools and communities seeking a 
> voice
> contact with the ISS. It is a procedure "manual" for a very specific
> purpose to guide applicants in the process for one specific goal, the
> contact. While the guide clearly fulfills its purpose and is used widely 
> in
> preparation, it does not even mention AMSAT (however refers to the ARRL).
> However, the format and purpose is NOT useful for engaging individuals
> and/or groups involved in cubesats and amateur radio.
> What is needed is a “101 on CubeSats and Amateur Radio” document/guide 
> that
> at certain levels of detail clearly outlines the benefits, pitfalls and
> processes involved in using amateur radio within a planned cubesat 
> project.
> It should preferably be written by AMSAT (available in the store?) however
> the amateur radio satellite community at large is a great resource. In
> essence, we need to tell folks not how (necessarily) but why they should
> include us and clearly outline the benefits (assuming we have a few).
> All universities and even schools have in general a very effective
> communication group/department and their ability to promote their projects
> for fundraising purposes speaks volume. The lack of engagement by these
> groups with our community is based on previous experience and/or 
> ignorance.
> Both of these are something we as a community have to take responsibility
> for. Negative experience based on cubesat bashing has done a lot of damage
> (based on very personal experience) and the lack of clearly outlining the
> benefits, our expertise, specific services and other tangible factors is
> also a factor.
> If, and I say if, engaging the cubesat community is a priority of AMSAT
> (NA), it will require time, resources and a full commitment by the board
> and yes, most of all volunteers. What could help is for example having a
> working group chaired by a VP for cubesats (small satellites) and having
> the annual meeting in partnership with one of the annual cubesat 
> symposiums
> for a joint conference. However, the board will have to decide how
> important that is in comparison to other priorities. In the meantime, it 
> is
> up to the individuals making an effort on the local level.
> My 2 cents, and I am going back working on our local ARISS project.
> Stefan
> On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 11:56 AM, Clint Bradford
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> > >Is the guide available ...
> >
> > This is not the exact one I used for our ARISS contact ... but it is
> close
> > ...
> >
> > https://files.secureserver.net/0fgxMFjvG2DaFC
> >
> > I will upload the other one tonight - to the same folder.
> >
> > Clint
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> >
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> > Clint Bradford, K6LCS
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