[amsat-bb] Public Relations Lacking

Clint Bradford clintbrad4d at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 20 08:23:01 PST 2013

> ... None of these cubesat developers has made any significant attempt to rally 
the amateur radio satellite community ...

That is because very few of the organizations/campuses with satellites being deployed 
this week have public relations professionals to properly promote their projects. And 
if they do have public relations departments, they have not been "educated" as to the 
true value of their projects to the amateur radio world.

That's OUR responsibility. And we all can share the blame for this.

NASA does it well with their 28-page Guide to conducting an ARISS contact. Included are 
timetables for media alerts (used to be called "press releases"), detailed step-by-step 
instructions for micro-managing every aspect of the project ... THAT'S what "we" should 
develop for EVERY one of these amateur radio satellite projects for schools and amateur 
satellite builders could use to better promote their projects. Of course, project 
managers can opt not to use such a guide. But when they realize the free publicity their 
project could easily garner (media attendance and coverage, promotion by AMSAT on their 
various Web sites, et al) - "we" would make it very attractive TO use such a guide.

I think AMSAT-NA should take the lead on this, and establish a committee to develop 
such a plan for future projects. I volunteer. 

Clint Bradford K6LCS
909-241-7666 - cell, California 

Clint Bradford, K6LCS

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