[amsat-bb] Mon AF and Tune Drive Level Control

Keith O'Brien n4zq at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 19 10:19:16 PST 2013

Don't know if you saw this but it's pretty neat... Everyday I learn something new about the Flex and PowerSDR....

Bob (GM4CAQ) wrote : 
>and no audio level control on the sidetone!.

Bob .. the sidetone level (same as Monitor level for SSB .. useful when using a double-sided headset) can be modified in 
two different ways. 

If you got to SETUP/Transmit       You will see something labelled "Monitor TX AF" that is what you want to change.
Playing with it this morning I discovered another way to do this that was previously unknown to me. 

If you transmit a carrier in CW (or hit the TUNE button)  The AF control near the upper left of the PSDR display 
switches to control the Monitor (i.e. Sidetone)  level. So as long as you are transmitting a carrier, varying the AF level 
changes the sidetone volume level.  

Also note that  the DRIVE control behaves in a similar manner.  
Normally adjusting DRIVE controls the % of  RF Power out, but if you adjust this after clicking on TUNE
then you are setting the DRIVE level just for TUNE. This is a neat feature that allows you to reduce 
your output power while tuning your antenna, without messing with normal DRIVE setting.

I hope that this helps. Best of luck with your 1500.

Michael VE3WMB 

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