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Bernie and Cheryl hamdan at ix.netcom.com
Sat Nov 9 21:59:52 PST 2013


I didn't realize that it's downlink was only 250mw.  No wonder.

I don't think AO-51 had a constant carrier.  But it seemed that way 
sometimes.  And, it frequently got my receiver to full quieting, 
while SO-50 almost never does that.

One reason why I was asking is that I have been working up to getting 
back on the FM birds via a handheld.  I have a place in the mountains 
in DN60, and I suspect that's much more rare than my home QTH grid 
(DM 79).  I was thinking of operating handheld from there, and activating it.

Thanks for your answer.  I really appreciate it.

73 de Bernie, KF0QS

At 10:37 PM 11/9/2013, Paul Stoetzer wrote:
>It's got a weaker downlink. I don't think the receiver is any less 
>sensitive than the other birds, but since it's only running 250 mW, 
>it's harder to hear.
>The other issue is that SO-50 doesn't transmit a constant carrier 
>like AO-27 did (did AO-51? I never operated through it), so it 
>doesn't sound as "smooth" during a pass.
>In case you missed it, the control operators are working on 
>recovering AO-27, so lets hope they are successful. I listened to 
>the packet tones as they commanded it during a pass this afternoon 
>and the transmitter sounded good. Nice strong signal.
>I too prefer the linear birds, but since there are lots of grids 
>where hams only have FM equipment, it'd be nice to get AO-27 back to 
>tide us over until Fox-1 launches next year.
>Paul Stoetzer, N8HM
>Washington, DC
>On Sat, Nov 9, 2013 at 7:02 PM, Bernie and Cheryl 
><<mailto:hamdan at ix.netcom.com>hamdan at ix.netcom.com> wrote:
>Dear Folks:
>Is it just me or is SO-50 not quite as easy a bird to work as AO-27 
>or AO-51 were?  I actually prefer working the SSB/CW birds, so I 
>don't have as much experience on the FM sats.  That's why I'm 
>asking.  Even though I'm able to make a few contacts on SO-50 every 
>pass I am on, it seems like everyone has a harder time getting 
>in.  It seems there are few times that people seem to get into the 
>bird full quieting, even without other stations competing for access.
>Just curious.
>Thanks and 73 de Bernie, KF0QS
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