[amsat-bb] Lesson for the New Year

Mike Herr wa6ara at gmail.com
Thu Dec 26 13:30:57 PST 2013

The lesson for the New Year is to get out and check your antennas!. Lately
I have noticed the satellite signals were not as strong as i like. The, the
other day I am out side looking at the antenna. Hmm, I thought it was
parked due north, seems a bit east of north to me. Checked, yep the control
says it is due north. I shoot it with a compass, yep, it is east of
magnetic north. I scratch my head a bit, wait, should be west of magnetic
north. That night I check it against polaris, and finally admit, it is
almost 40 degrees east of where it should be. That will make the antenna
system not work as well as it should. So today the antenna is down and
being realigned as well as some other delayed maintenance.. Should be back
up and running in a week. So, it's a good idea to go out and check, is the
antenna really pointing the direction you think it is...

Mike Herr
Home of The QRP Ranch

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