[amsat-bb] Re: Adding AO-73 to SATPC32 and Nova for Windows

Wayne Estes w9ae at charter.net
Thu Dec 19 22:48:19 PST 2013

Adding AO-73 in SatPC32 is very simple if you use AMSAT's keps file 
called nasa.all.  This file contains the AO-73 Keps together with the 
Keps for all the other active ham satellites.  The satellite names are 
already in the familiar format.

You can assign AO-73 to one of the 12 quick-access "letters" on the 
lower right corner of the main SatPC32 screen.  If you have an 
unassigned letter, open the "Satellites" menu and simply double-click 
AO-73 in the "Available" list, and AO-73 will be assigned to the next 
unused letter in the "Selected" list.

Paste the following text into the Doppler.SQF text file.  Open the file 
directly from the SatPC32 program using the menu "?" -> Auxiliary Files 
-> Doppler.SQF.
AO-73,145960.0,435140.0,USB,LSB,REV,,, Transponder

Then you're all set to go.  With Doppler.SQF text as specified above, 
the program will default to the beacon.  To switch to the transponder 
you need to click the CAT menu and select the transponder data line.  If 
you reverse the two AO-73 lines in Doppler.SQF the program will default 
to the transponder instead of the beacon.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Oakland, Oregon, USA, CN83ik

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