[amsat-bb] Returning Satellite User

Joel Black w4jbb at charter.net
Tue Dec 17 15:50:07 PST 2013

For whatever reason, I have gotten interested in amateur satellites 
again after being away for almost 10 years.

I've gone through the last two months in the archives and I have a 
couple of things:

1. I saw some questions about the the K3. I have the K3 and the KX3 and 
do not know of a satellite app that will "talk" to them. Both use "a 
Kenwood" command set, but I do not know which. Thus far, I have not been 
able to get either SatPC32 or MacDoppler to talk to my K3.

2. I have access to an FT-847 I sold my father several years ago. This 
is the radio I used on the satellites when I was active. I had initially 
thought about buying the 2m transverter for the K3, but after talking to 
many users of that transverter and explaining what I wanted to and that 
I had access to the FT-847, it was advised that I go with the FT-847.

3. I have a 2m / 70cm QHTenna turnstile pair. I *also* have an Arrow 
144/432 antenna. I think either pair will work well from my 
plywood-decked, shingle roof. I would like to use the Arrow, but (a) I 
don't have a good way to point it, and (b) I cannot find the gain. If 
memory serves, it has a fairly good gain around 4dB for 2m and 6 dB for 
70cm. I don't know that there's any gain to the turnstiles, but at least 
I won't need a rotor for those. Any other advice here?

4. I also have the AG-25 2m preamp. I know the FT-847 will power this 
preamp. It is not quite as good as the DEM preamps, but it's what I 
have. Any suggestions here?

I am really not interested in the FM satellites. I am very interested in 
the linear transponders - especially CW. Any CW ops out there? I'm still 
slow (13 - 15WPM), but I'm working on my speed. From what I've read, the 
linear transponders are on AO-7, FO-29 (I cut my teeth on FO-20), VO-52, 
and AO-73. It looks like AO-7 is both mode A and mode B, FO-29 is mode 
J, and both VO-52 and AO-73 are mode B. It sounds like there is really a 
lot to play with up there.

Joel - W4JBB

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