[amsat-bb] $50sat help

Howie DeFelice howied231 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 9 10:14:14 PST 2013

The $50sat team is asking for help form our friends in the southern hemisphere in capturing telemetry form $50sat. We are trying to determine the charging characteristics of the power system. The three team members all live above 40 degrees north and the satellite does not warm up enough during N-S passes  to allow charging to begin. None of us are usually around during S-N passes. Any form of report is welcome: decode of the fast morse (120WPM), RTTY demod, audio recording or I/Q capture from a Funcube or RTL dongle would be greatly appreciated.

A link to a detailed description of the communications package can be found on the $50sat website, http://www.50dollarsat.info . The last distribution of keps from AMSAT contain good elements for $50sat.

$50sat is one of the smallest amateur radio satellites ever launched at 2"x2"x3" and weighs only 210 grams. TX power is just 100mW. 

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