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Jeff Griffin kb2m at comcast.net
Mon Dec 9 06:37:43 PST 2013

 I also worked AO-73 for the first time this weekend (thanks all involved
for the new sat) and noticed the frequency shift also. As the bird came up I
found my D/L at about 5k higher than the advertised center frequency. What
was different was that by the end of the pass, the D/L ended up about 10k
higher than the Doppler adjustment supplied by PCSat32. It was like, as the
transponder was being used and warmed up it went higher in frequency. I
found that during several QSO's I made, I had to adjust the D/L up several
times. As I had just worked VO-52 this was noticeably different. I'm not
complaining, I just thought this worth mentioning :-)

73 Jeff kb2m  

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Hi all,
Another question AO 73

I made my first contact on AO 73 this weekend with KB2M.  I read on the BB
that the frequency was about 10 Khz higher for the uplink and that the
linear transponder wss not stable yet.  I did not expect the Doppler to be
shifting as much as it was on both the the QSO freqs and the Telem freqs. 
Maybe I had the wrong keps in!  The Keps we installed were dated November

Thank you for your help.


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