[amsat-bb] CAPE-2 heard in France

Jean-Pierre Godet godetj at wanadoo.fr
Tue Dec 3 05:27:27 PST 2013

   Dear friends from University of loisiana in Lafayette,

   Your bird was heard in the North of France when flying over Oran 
(Algeria), orbit number 204, especially the CW beacon (on 145.823 MHz +- 
Doppler) between 12:12:52 and 12:13:06 UTC, content was "EUL CAPE 2 OR 
UF231". The signal was somewhat chirpy, but it's exactly the sound which 
the real lover of CW like above all. Really !  :-)
   The signal to noise ratio is not too good because I'm using an old AM/FM 
scanner from the 80s heterodyned by my medium wave homebrew transmitter 
fitted with a 456.9 Xtal. The antenna was a vertical half-wave inside the 

   The next orbit, number 205, was heard too, with the CW beacon affected 
at that time by a hoarse voice and suffering from a strong fadding. So I'm 
not absolutly sure, poor lonesome telegraphist, of my human decoding, 
"M5UL CAPE 2 ÜR 5045", something like that. It was over the East coast of 
Spain, between 12:12:52 and 12:13:06 :

   Congratulation to the Cajun Advanced Picosat Experiment team from France !

   Jean-Pierre F5YG

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