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Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Mon Dec 2 17:52:32 PST 2013


Thanks for the explanation on using the FUNcube Dongle
with an FT-817 (or other radio).  That makes sense, and
will be something to think about.  First, I want to use
the dongle as is, to see how well it works on its own.
Then I might consider the mod to the 817 and using it
with the dongle.



On Mon, Dec 2, 2013 at 11:54 AM, Mike Seguin <n1jez at burlingtontelecom.net>wrote:

> Hi Patrick,
> I think there are several advantages to adding the Panadapter interface.
> 1.) It uses the common IF of the FT-817, so it works with whatever
> band/mode you tune with the FT-817 - 160M through 432. The Funcube stays on
> 68.33 MHz.
> 2.) It's fully integrated with the FT-817, so no need to worry about
> accidentally transmitting in to your FunCube. (this was a big one for me!)
> 3.) It has band pass filtering on the 68.33 MHz common IF feed.
> Sensitivity is very good.
> I use it primarily with HDSDR. Using OmniRig within HDSDR linked to the
> FunCube creates a very powerful system. You lock the Funcube setting to
> 68.33 MHz (I actually use 68.32 to get away from the center channel spike).
> In HDSDR, the display is the actual FT-817 frequency. You now can tune
> either the FT-817 or HDSDR and they both track - The Funcube stays on 68.32
> MHz so you always see ± 48 kHz of your center tuning (I use the original
> Funcube, so 96 kHz). HDSDR has DDE as well.
> I'm sure there is more and there are specific benefits for satellite work.
> Once you start working with a Panadapter on satellite, I don't think you'll
> ever want to go back to the old way. Seeing the whole transponder at once
> or the ability to record the full I&Q bandwidth for post processing later
> is very powerful. (no more "audio recorder" to log qso's)
> The choice is really whether to use the FunCube standalone or integrated
> via the interface. Both of my FT-817's have the Interface!
> Mike
> On 12/1/2013 9:32 PM, Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) wrote:
> >
> > To those who suggested I modify one of my FT-817NDs to
> > have a panadapter interface and then use both the 817
> > and dongle on the downlink, what advantages would I
> > have in doing that, instead of just using the dongle
> > as the downlink receiver?  I apologize if this is a
> > silly question, but I'm wanting to learn more about
> > what I can do with this dongle, by itself or alongside
> > my existing gear.  I'm looking forward to seeing N1JEZ's
> > article in an upcoming AMSAT Journal, and will look at
> > the link Mike suggested to learn more about this option.--
> 73,
> Mike, N1JEZ
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