[amsat-bb] Use of Elecraft K3 or KX3 with satellite sw

Edward R Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Sun Dec 1 13:55:29 PST 2013

I very rarely post anything to this reflector, but I have a question 
that maybe someone has already has done and has answers.

Shortly Elecraft will be offering a 2m module for its popular new SDR 
radio, the KX3.  This will provide 2m multi-mode operation using this 
nice little HF/6m radio.

Some years ago I sold my old satellite radios (FT-847 & FT-817) so am 
looking into a two radio configuration for cross-band duplex 
satellite operation.  I have a K3 with 435-437 transmit capability 
using a Down East Microwave transverter and would be able to receive 
on 145 using the new KX3-2M combo.  (I also still have my s-band 
downconverter and L-band up converter for if/when these bands are activated).

What is unknown is if there is any sw support of the Elecraft radios 
on any satellite tracking sw? I am primarily interested in SSB thru 
transponders so frequency tracking under sw control would be 
"nice".  I have both NOVA and SatPC32.  I have a tracking interface 
to control antenna tracking using a B5400 Yaesu az-el rotator.  Both 
these radios have computer control ports.

73, Ed - KL7UW
dubususa at gmail.com
"Kits made by KL7UW" 

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