[amsat-bb] Re: F1 Telemetry Decoder

Mark L. Hammond marklhammond at gmail.com
Sun Sep 30 10:06:27 PDT 2012

Yes, that'll work.  You'll make your head hurt getting it all set up tho :)

Quick outline of approach:

1) get AWGPE installed and working.

2) install a virtual serial port pair using something like com0com; use baud emulation.

3) install AGWPE KISS-Mode Loopback interface.  Configure to use one of the virtual ports; use 9600 baud.

4) Now launch/configure F-1 Telemetry decoder.  Pick "the other" virtual com port, use 9600 baud, and then start it.

Use local APRS packet traffic to test...you should be printing it (raw data....

It takes a bit of monkey-ing around, but it works!


Mark N8MH 

At 12:29 PM 9/30/2012 -0400, Mark L. Hammond wrote:
>Hi Keith,
>It's apparently setup to use hardware modems.  This shack loves hardware TNCs :) 
>You might be able to get AWGPE working if you can send KISS data out to a virtual com port...check out http://www.soundcardpacket.org/
>"In addition, Tim Pearson KB9VQF has written a <http://www.pearsoncomputing.net/freeware.php>AGWPE Serial Loopback utility that creates virtual serial ports that will let you link AGWPE to any packet program that can link to a KISS-enabled TNC (AGWPE's sound card mode simulates a KISS TNC). "
>Mark N8MH 
>At 09:04 AM 9/30/2012 -0700, Keith O'Brien wrote:
>>The F1 Telemetry Decoder Manual in Section 5.2.3 Decode Data OBC2
>>*You should connect this program with your transceiver first.
>>Not sure what they are looking for here. I would like to use AGW Packet Engine 
>>as my packet TNC. Anyone offer any guidance in how to configure APWPE to the 
>>F1 decoder program ? I also have MixW if that would work... 
>>Keith N4ZQ
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