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> > Hi,
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> > Since you brought up "politics"...all I know is that trying the same
> > thing over and over usually ensures getting the same results.  I dont
> > think we are going to see an AO-10,13 or 40 again because of the
> > propulsion issue.
> > I doubt any group is going to let a pyalod on with a motor unless there
> > are "real rocket scientist" doing the job...the record has not been all
> > that sterling.
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> Just for clarification:
> AMSAT P3-A on Ariane-1 L02 together with Firewheel.
> AMSAT P3-B / AO-10 on Ariane-1 L06 with ECS-1 first European
> Communication Satellite.
> AMSAT P3-C / AO-13 on Ariane-401 with Panamsat-1 and METEOSAT-P2.
> AMSAT P3-D / AO-40 on Ariane-507 with Panamsat PAS-1R and STRV-1C,
> STRV-1D for DERA.
> AMSAT was also flying explosive Bolt-cutters for the clamp-bands on
> these missions.
> For one of the earlier launchers AMSAT-DL designed and build
> Separation-Sequencers for the non-AMSAT payload/adapters as part of some
> "launch compensation".
> The SBS on P3-D was provided by AMSAT and it was carrying the heaviest
> primary payload on Ariane-5 at that time. Was this "too risky" for the
> paying primary payload?
> No, because we delivered and went through all required quality gates..
> The propulsion system always had to go through several Safety
> Submissions Phases in which we had to certify and demonstrate that the
> launch configuration of critical software and hardware commands is in
> conformity with the CSG safety regulations and has been tested as an
> effective inhibit to all the potential hazardous commands (means also
> propulsion).
> The command inhibit circuits (hardware and software) dedicated to
> hazardous systems have been tested and validated and they are working
> properly.
> A system check was successfully performed at CSG (Center Spatial
> Guyanaise) facilities before loading with fuel.
> There were 7  Levels of Safety Barriers (hardware and software) to
> ensure this !!!
> So don't even think or believe that any P3-Satellite would have ever
> been launched without them (the launch provider) knowing what we were
> doing!
> Neither CSG (also responsible for the safety of the people at the launch
> center), or ESA or Arianespace or any of the other Payloads and
> Customers would do that..
> We have been already discussing P3-E in details and there was no doubt
> about it concerning all pre- and post-launch operations, even after the
> fate of AO-40!!
> What happened to AO-40 later are two completely different shoes.. And
> even this was discussed with them in lengthy and they were not
> concerned... Shit happens..
> We were told to be still satisfied since our bird was alive for more
> than 4 years (!) compared to other commercial satellites they have been
> launching and which failed only days later for even more stupid reasons..
> So let's stop this kind of destructive  assumptions making and
> conclusion making,  if you don't know what you are talking about..
> *** The Launch is the problem... not the propulsion !!  ***
> If we bring enough money, they will for sure take P3-E into orbit as
> soon as possible..
> The rough number of 10 Million Euro is indeed the commercial value,
> nothing we paid in the past or will be in the future..
> We always have to look for "compensation"...
> So, we will continue to fight for it and to find ways to launch P3-E.
> 73s Peter DB2OS
> There is a saying: Where there's a will, there's a way. A firm belief in
> the feasibility of a case involving the feasibility of an idea is the
> basis of all creative thought and action....
> If you don't even try and keep your goals low, you will never get beyond
> earth surface...
Hi Peter, DB2OS

Thank you very much to remember the story of Propulsion of Phase-3 AMSAT
satellite to people that absolutely don't know what they are talking about.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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