[amsat-bb] Re: FITSAT-1

tanaka at fit.ac.jp tanaka at fit.ac.jp
Thu Sep 27 04:48:34 PDT 2012

Dear Ham friends,

JAXA has postponed the deployment of FITSAT-1.

I made mistake. My following explanation is wrong:

> The orbit is almost the same as ISS. Jaxa said FITSAT
> delays 200 m from ISS for one cycle around the world.
> As it goes around 16 times a day, it delays 3.2km per day.
> If 10 days have passed after deployment, FITSAT passes
> the same point of ISS after 4 sec (32km/8km=4).

JAXA said FITSAT goes away 200m from ISS for one cycle,
not delays. 
As FITSAT is pushed out backward from ISS, its speed goes
down, and the altitude decreases. 
As the altitude is lower than ISS, FITSAT goes around 
the world faster than ISS. So, FITSAT advances than ISS.

Best Regards, 
Takushi Tanaka

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