[amsat-bb] SatPC32 and ISS CubeSats to be deployed

Mark L. Hammond marklhammond at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 10:50:49 PDT 2012

Hi All,

I've been preparing for the CubeSat release from ISS scheduled for
tomorrow.  Hope it happens!!

For my simple brain, I've figured an easy way to get the frequency
tracking/Dopper, etc entered into SatPC32.

First, we can use the ISS Keps for tracking--at least for a few days
probably, until Keps are released by Celestrak, etc.   I already have
that working (don't you?).  So, no need to do ANYTHING with Keps--just
make sure they are "fresh."

Second, there is the matter of frequencies!  So, I entered the
following into my Doppler.SQF file:

ISS,145980.0,437485.0,FM,FM,Nor,0,0,F1 1k2 AFSK packet
ISS,437485.0,145980.0,FM,FM,Nor,0,0,F1 CW telem over FM
ISS,437250.0,145980.0,CW,FM,Nor,0,0,FITSat1 CW telem
ISS,437445.0,145980.0,FM,FM,Nor,0,0,FITSat1 1k2 AFSK packet
ISS,437505.0,145980.0,FM,FM,Nor,0,0,WE WISH 1k2 AFSK packet

Now, all I have to do is track ISS (in normal SatPC32--don't use
SatPC32ISS!), and using the "CAT" menu select the frequency of the
CubeSat I want to listen to.  If you look at the text line at the
bottom of the box, you'll see why I put the CubeSat name at the end of
each line above...

Easy to do, no need to worry about "launch Keps", etc.  We have them already :)

Remember, the "upper most" line is one that loads by default.  For me,
that's going to be the F1 1k2 AFSK FM packet signal.

Also, after we DO get real Keps--all you have to do is edit the
appropriate ISS with the name of the bird; make sure it's the same
name used in the Keps (or get fancy and use the AmsatNames.SQF file).

Hope that helps some of you...


Mark L. Hammond [N8MH]

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