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If AMSAT becomes or has become "just another customer" of launchers then you are probably correct and even more so the future for "realsats" ie ones that actually do communications is bleak.

I am sort of surprised that this is the "thought" ...if here in Houston we had to "pay rent" for our tower space (and we have a couple of them) then the group that I am a part of which has a pretty nice repeater/packet system would simply be out of luck.  What we were able to do is convince the folks who usually take the large dollars to view us as a public service and we get the tower space (and the everything else space including Electricity) for 10 dollars a year.

My boss routinely sends his Gulfstream fleet out to do things for which people "pay" nothing or little because he gives to good causes.  

While AMSAT and other groups might or not compete with paying payloads have we lost the ability to go out and convince people that AMSAT is a worthy cause?  

Specific question.  Has AMSAT approached SpaceX for a "good cause" launch?  RGO  WB5MZO

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I'll just leave this here, to prove the reality of the situation:


"Doud said that SpaceX recently completed an internal study on the 
feasibility of flying secondary payloads. That effort also developed 
prices for flying those secondary payloads, which he disclosed in his 
presentation. A P-POD would cost between $200,000 and $325,000 for 
missions to LEO, or $350,000 to $575,000 for missions to geosynchronous 
transfer orbit (GTO). An ESPA-class satellite weighing up to 180 
kilograms would cost $4–5 million for LEO missions and $7–9 million for 
GTO missions, he said."

73, Drew KO4MA

Drew..No it is not a false premise.

.if SpaceX is flying with "not used" mass we should at least approach them to be able to see if we could put payloads on the vehicle..or take something to ISS...there is mass and space, the launch on Oct 7 will only carry 1000 lbs.  Also we might be able to find some space on the Falcon heavy launch.  

Robert WB5MZO


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