[amsat-bb] The future of ham satellites

wa4hfn at comcast.net wa4hfn at comcast.net
Tue Sep 25 07:00:09 PDT 2012

excuses excuses, sounds like obama blaming Bush .Lets face guys It looks like the future of the ham satellite is almost over due to cost of a launch.We can all type fancy excuses all day long about this subject and still get no where . It is up to the people that the 22% have voted into the Amsat 
positions to lead us into the future of ham satellites and up to us as the users to support Amsat the best we can with money and ideas that can be productive to our cause. I do not support the school beeper birds , but if they would add a repeater to their bird that would change the entire problem.
 That being said I am asking Amsat  to work with each schools that plans a beeper bird to also add a repeater to there project
 We all win 

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